Picture this scenario: you're driving westbound on Boise's I-84 at the height of morning rush hour, and you're already running late.

You notice an opening in the highway median and flirt with the idea of pulling a U-turn to get out of the gridlock. From what you can tell, there aren't any cops around, and you get away with it without upsetting oncoming traffic. You ultimately decide against it, and it's a good thing you did.  

Is it illegal to make U-turns through Idaho's highway medians?

Making a U-turn through an unregulated median opening is one of the most dangerous maneuvers drivers can make on the highway. It's also illegal in Idaho.

The Idaho Transportation Department explains that using a median opening can have a disastrous impact on safety and traffic flow. Despite what it looks like, it's just not designed to accommodate U-turns. Any attempt can potentially result in an accident or worse. 

What's the fine for passing through Idaho highway medians?

Turning to the legal implications, Idaho State Police have zero tolerance for the misuse of highway medians and emergency crossovers. Illegal U-turns could result in a reckless driving citation, in severe fines, points on your license, restricted driving privileges, and even time behind bars. 

U-turns through Idaho highway medians: just don't do it.

No matter how late you are, or how easily you think you can pull it off, resist the temptation of any isky U-turn. The few minutes you might save could cost you your life, another driver's life, or your driving privileges. 

Scroll on for a look at where U-turns are & aren't legal around Boise. 

Places Where U-Turns Are Legal & Illegal Around Boise

If the Idaho Legislature's road rule section leaves you with more questions than answers, you're not alone. Below are 12 easy-to-remember rules and local examples to help you know when and where it's legal or illegal to pop a U'ie around Boise and the greater Treasure Valley!

Scroll on for a look at how to pass on the right on Idaho highways.

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