Treasure Valley traffic is a treat, isn't it?

It was around 4:45 in the afternoon as I waited on the arrow at Chinden and Glenwood. Is it one of the worst intersections during Boise rush hour? You betcha. But, ever since the transplant boom hit four or five years ago, surface streets actually get me to and from Boise to Star faster than 84 can.

Fourteen minutes later, it was almost my turn to make a left. 

Moments before my arrow turned green, the driver in front of me darted into the intersection, nearly t-boning another car. Speechless, I gave the driver to my right a "what the hell just happened?!" look, and they shot one back immediately. Thankfully, the car with the right of way dodged the accident.

So, what happened?

It turns out the driver in the wrong was wearing headphones. Headphones, friend. Airpods, to be specific. The driver was so distracted by whatever they were listening to, that they nearly killed themselves and someone else.

You know what was almost as bad as watching the near-accident? Finding out it's legal for Idaho drivers to wear headphones behind the wheel.

What are the most alarming things you've seen people do while driving in the Treasure Valley? Email your stories to 

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