Anyone who has a dog knows they quickly become a member of your family, so when your pup goes missing it's definitely going to tear a piece of your heart out. Luckily, for this Idaho family, they were finally reunited with their dog after more than a year.  

Apollo is a 4-year-old blue-nosed Pitbull. His owner, Dillon Hart of Pocatello was reunited with man's best friend after the Blackfoot Animal Shelter connected Apollo to Hart through a microchip.

Apollo escaped when Dillon left him at his Dad's house a little north of Chubbuck while he went to work in Boise. Someone left the gate to the yard open and Apollo escaped.

Dillon did all the things you do when your pet goes missing, putting up posters and searching for Apollo, but after months he gave up hope.

Apollo was found wandering the rural roads out in Fort Hall and Dillon believes that he was probably taken in and cared for by someone at some point during his journey.

To hear more of Apollo's story in full detail, visit the Idaho State Journal. We are so glad that this pup and his owner have been reunited!

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