A recent update to Disney+'s "Subscriber Agreement" means business, and Idahoans should take note. 

According to a recent alert, the new Disney+ policies kicked in on January 25 for first-time users. Existing subscribers, however, have until March 14 before the House of Mouse starts crackin' the whip. 

Disney+ is tired of Idaho's streaming infidelity. 

Heads up, Idaho. Disney+ took a shot at password sharers with a semi-friendly reminder issued this morning. The alert lays it out plain and simple, outlining a few tweaks to the company's policies. 

This means no more passing the Disney+ key to your best friend across town or your cousin in another state. They're not playing around, and compliance is the name of the game.

Disney+ is watching our every move. 

Disney+ is making it clear that they're going to be watching us as much as we're watching them. Creepy, isn't it? It kind of makes us wonder if they're using the password-sharing angle to spy on account holders. 

Account holders that violate their updated policies could face seriously annoying consequences which include limited access to the streaming service and account cancellation. A bit extreme, if you ask us. 

Idaho's days of foul Disney+ play are over.

Once foul play is detected, Disney+ can force account holders to update their password. It's our understanding that if the person who's asked to update the login credentials can't provide the original password, the account can be flagged and penalized. 

It looks like it's time for Idahoans to reconsider their password exchanges with friends and family. Speaking of family, the updated policy also prohibits families from sharing one account between two households.  

You may not share your account and subscription outside of your household. 'Household' means the collection of devices associated with your primary personal residence that are used by the individuals who reside therein.

-Disney+ Help Center


There you have it, Idaho. In the world of Disney+, it seems the magic only works within the boundaries of your own kingdom. Remember, they're watching us.

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