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Three-year-old Idahoan Ridge Peterson has done the Gem State proud! His performance in the 2022 Kids Mullet USA Championship last week was rife with gelled competition, but he stayed the course. Our "Business In the Front, Party In the Back" tressed tyke earned a spot in the top 100 USA Mullet Championship. Hosted through Facebook, the contest that closed last week relied upon the number of "likes" a kid had to garner for them to excel to the next round. While the Idaho son wasn't the ultimate mullet champion, we're proud to call him and his marvelous mullet our own.
For a dose of hardy laughter, set your sights on the 80 fantastic mullets featured in the gallery below. Our favorite mullets are noted with "TOP FAVE" and they also earned a comical nickname we felt matched their vibe!
Congratulations, Ridge Peterson!

80 Most Amazing Mullets of the 2022 Kids Mullet National Championship!

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