We very often see our state at the top of "best and worst" lists, so when Idaho lands toward the bottom of those lists it's pretty surprising. Well, unfortunately, we can't (and shouldn't) jump for joy for this one.

According to the Idaho Statesman, Idaho is the "eighth worst in the nation" in WalletHub's "2019 Best & Worst States for Women." In the study, a total of 24 metrics were measured including "median earnings, stalking victimization, and even suicide rates."

While not the best at the No. 44 (D.C. was included) spot, it's actually an improvement from last year's standing, where it came in second to last!! When it comes to women's preventative health care, the Gem State came in at (this is embarrassing) No. 51 - the worst in the country.

There are some other categories where Idaho didn't fare so well (via Idaho Statesman):

  • Median earnings for female workers (adjusted for cost of living) — 46th
  • Share of women-owned businesses — 50th
  • High school graduation rate for women — 31st
  • Share of women who voted in 2016 presidential election — 33rd
  • Female uninsured rate — 44th
  • Suicide rate for women — 36th

If this is all making you feel kinda sad, don't worry. There are some categories where Idaho did....okay.

  • physically active rate — 8th
  • women’s job security rate — 9th
  • unemployment rate — 14th

So, how did other states compare? The top three spots went to North Dakota (No. 3), Massachusetts (No. 2), and Minnesota (No. 1).

The worst states: South Carolina (No. 49), Mississippi (No. 50), and Louisiana (No. 51).

Get a look at the full study HERE. 


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