If your kids are anything like mine, they want to stop for ice cream just about every day after school.  Even when it's cold outside.  This might make me say yes.

Have you heard what Baskin Robbins is doing now to honor veterans?

They're making camo ice cream.  The flavors are chocolate (brown), salty caramel (tan) and vanilla cake (green).  All of those are swirled together to make it look like camouflage, and even the waffle cone is camo colored.  Yum, and cool!

Today on the way home from school we might hit the Baskin Robbins on Fairview, or maybe the one on State Street in Boise.  There's a location in Meridian too.

The company says it's a unique way to celebrate the troops.  If you're looking for a good reason to indulge the sweet tooth, that's a good one!

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