No matter what side of the aisle you land on, you can't deny that the campaigning for presidency on both sides has been wild. After the first presidential debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, the expectations for the vice presidential debate were anything but predictable. How would they outdo the craziness that was the first debate, intentional or not?

Moug so kindly developed a drinking game to get us through the debate. The guidelines were as follows:

Take a drink if Pence:

  • Mentions "Mother" (his wife)
  • Says "Restore American values"
  • Has to take over presidency because Trump gets sicker during debate (whole drink)

Take a drink if Harris:

  • Says "Nobody is above the law"
  • Brings up Trump's Covid diagnosis
  • Criticizes Pence on CV task force record

Or if either:

  • Says "The great state of _____"
  • Describes their running mate's health as "excellent"
  • Interrupts or insults

I chose a bottle of wine with which to cozy up for the debate. I didn't catch it in real time, though. I had it recorded on my DVR. The moment I hit play my anxiety went through the roof. I was so paralyzed with anxiety, in fact, that I forgot all the drinking game guidelines and just started drinking as the feeling struck. Then the fly landed in Pence's hair and that was it. I finished the bottle of wine and resigned myself to the fact that 2020 is a farce and it's best if I maintain a steady buzz (like the fly) to finish out the year.

How did you feel about the debate? Did you participate in a drinking game for it? Perhaps a BINGO card? What a time to be alive, I will say that.



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