I know this is so weird, but as I kissed my "Secret Boyfriend" goodbye this morning I thought, "he has the best morning breath ever!" Who has good morning breath? He does. It got me thinking about all the other weird smells I like, but am usually too afraid to admit. Here's a few. 

1. Gasoline. I love the smell of gasoline. I know it's not good for you, but I breathe in deep a bit when I'm at the pump.

2. Skunk. Everyone else complains about skunk smell, but I want to roll the windows down just to get a little whiff of it!

3. Sulfer (a.k.a. rotten egg smell.) I don't want a lot of it, but just a hint of it here and there isn't bad!

What weird smells do you secretly like that everyone else goes "eeewwww, gross!"? Do you like the smell of the cow pastures out in Nampa, the onion fields? Don't be afraid to admit that these unconventional smells can actually be a breath of fresh air sometimes!

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