For a lot of us, tracking down toilet paper has been a priority and a near impossibility.  I haven't found anything good in stores (though I've looked), but I found a few extra rolls yesterday.

To be honest, I had forgotten about them, but as I was cleaning up prior to moving out of my old house I had stored the loose rolls of TP in one of the cabinets in the bathroom.

My house had two bathrooms and I typically kept 3 new rolls on top of each toilet's water tank.  As I started to clean things up, I consolidated and stored them under one of the sinks.  I didn't remember this until my final walk through the house yesterday, and it proved to be a pleasant surprise.

Finding toilet paper has really been a challenge.  It's more than just a funny meme, it's been a reality for many friends and neighbors.  I've felt secure in my stash at home (I already had around 18 rolls in packages between the two bathrooms), but as I stopped at WinCo, Fred Meyer, Walmart, and even Lowe's and Home Depot, it was surprising to see that supplies were still completely depleted.

So finding the extra five rolls just gives me a little more breathing room.  I'm hoping that as we understand more this rush to hoarding the TP subsides, and we spend that time and energy helping others in need or connecting with others facing the the same unusual circumstance.



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