With wildfires all around us, Treasure Valley has been issued a Red Air Quality Advisory by The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality starting today, September 14th. It is advised that sensitive groups of people limit their times outdoors. This includes children, elderly, and those who have heart or lung diseases. However, all of our health can be affected especially in the middle of pandemic. 

KTVB reported that Boise State assistant professor, Luke Montrose has found through research that excessive wildfire smoke can actually make people more prone to lung infections like COVID-19. Especially with flu season being just around the corner, Montrose is recommending that everyone should try to limit their exposure to the wildfire smoke so there is not a spike in inflections even with COVID-19 this fall. Firefighters are especially at risk.

In areas where wildfires are present such as Oregon, Washington and California, some people are experiencing a scratchy throat or a cough which are immediate signs that you've been breathing in smoke.

Your skin is also at risk of damage. According to Inspire Salon & Day Spa in Meridian, the smoke in the air can clog your pores, filing them with soot and ash particles. This can surely lead to acne, blackheads, and potentially, full-on breakouts. You may also notice your skin feeling drier than normal. Your skin is having to work extra hard to replenish new skin cells on your skin's barrier that the smoke is quickly drying out.

Just another reason to wear a mask if you ask me!

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