By now you may have heard the devastating news that Idaho will be losing its beloved Powerball. If you haven't you can read all about it here. Egregious, to say the least. But there's no use complaining. What's done is done. Just like any other breakup, we have to move on. And if that means rebounding with someone you wouldn't normally give the time of day, so be it. In this case, consider giving the Idaho Lottery scratch games a shot at filling you with hopes of financial windfall.

I get it, we all have that lucky number we've been banking on to land us those millions, but scratchers deserve a fair shake! First of all, there are SO many to choose from! I'm enamored of the Frogger game at the moment. I won $10 just a few days ago. Sure, you're not going to hit a jackpot of hundreds of millions. But your odds for a win are higher than Powerball anyway, so it balances out.

And when you bought your Powerball ticket, did you get a free gift? No. When you purchase your scratchers at the gas station, the attendant will offer you an Idaho Lottery scratch coin specifically for those little lotto games. Perfectly designed with a raised lip and Idaho Lottery emblem, it makes you feel somehow luckier as you play. I got mine at the Sinclair on Eagle and Chinden.

If that doesn't cheer you up I suggest hopping in the car for a little road trip out to Jackpot, Nevada where you can drop all your cash into slot machines while being served free drinks. The best way to get over an ex is to get drunk and hook up with someone new...It's a metaphor!

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