If your kids are pulling their masks underneath their noses and fiddling to leave them hanging from one ear, you're not alone.  How will they ever keep them on at school?

One dad has gone viral with a trick to get his son to practice wearing a mask.

Leland Shipper is a math teacher in Iowa and said he's only allowing his son screen time if he's wearing a mask.  Schipper said in a Facebook post. “Either they will acclimate quickly, or you’ll get them off devices for the last weeks of their summer.”

That's a good rule and I may be trying that at my house.  The kids have been pretty good about wearing masks in public, but sometimes I do catch my oldest with her mask off of her face and hanging on her right ear while we're walking through a store.  I'm not sure how she'll be at school.

I did get a note from the school outlining how they plan to enforce mask-wearing this fall.  Not wearing a mask will be considered a dress code violation, and they'll be issued warnings on the first and second instances.  On the third violation, the student will get lunch detention, and on the fourth and fifth, they'll get hour-long detention.  The sixth and seventh violations will mean a three-hour "reflection" period, and the eighth violation and beyond will send them to the principal's office.  Oh my goodness, just wear the mask.  I hope there's still some education happening with this new mask-wearing rule for students to follow, and for teachers and administrators to enforce.

Jen Austin - Townsquare Media
Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

I think it helps to let them shop for the mask themselves so it's something they'll like and take ownership of.  Cats help.  In theory anyway.

So, masks are suddenly a school supply and so is hand sanitizer. These are things we were not thinking about a year ago.

How are you prepping your kids?  Send me an email, or leave comments on Facebook.  I'd love to know.

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