I can't even fathom having a million dollars. Even crazier is the thought that a million dollars doesn't go that far anymore. Still, I wouldn't be complaining! Here's how many millionaires their are in the state of Idaho, and the numbers are pretty shocking. 

According to research by msn.com there are

33,656 millionaires in the state. That figures out to be about 5% of the population.

By comparison, the median household income for the Gem State sits at $55, 583, a far cry from millionaire status.

If I've learned one thing as an adult, it's that hard work does not necessarily translate to money. Go to college does not necessarily mean you'll have money. It's really hard to financially make it in the world, let alone become a millionaire.

Then their is the question of self-made millionaires vs. people who got started with Mommy and Daddy's money, a.k.a. Kylie Jenner who just had her billionaire status revoked by Forbes for allegedly fudging some numbers on her taxes.

It's easy to envy the millionaire life, but especially in times like these where the world and our livelihood feels so fragile, we have to remember to find gratitude in the little things in life. I'd like to think that being a millionaire isn't quite all it's cracked up to be.

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