This election year has been so fun! There's been no shortage of good, clean, honest campaigning. Supporters from both sides of the aisle have been nothing but kind and respectful when engaging in online discussions. Truly a joy to witness. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm describing an election year that doesn't exist. 2020 has been exhausting and the road to November 3rd has been paved with stress and anxiety.

I thank my lucky stars for the joy and unity the "Pence fly" has bestowed upon us post VP debate. At the very least the memes have provided levity that's hard to find as we near election day. But I don't think I'm alone when I say sometimes I wish I could just crawl under a rock somewhere and hide until this is all over. sure understands this.

The travel site is offering Americans who are burnt out from this nightmare the chance to 'live under a rock' until after the Presidential election. For just $5 a night, you can stay in a man made cave 50 feet below ground somewhere in New Mexico from November 2-7, 2020. No wi-fi or cable tv, but plenty of comfy couches to lounge and relax and disconnect from the news media cycle.

The one of a kind retreat is available on a first come, first serve basis. So set your alarm for 9am E.T. on October 9th (tomorrow!). $25 for a 5 night stay is a steal, someone is bound to book it ASAP. Maybe it will be you! If so, can I come with? I'll wear my mask and keep my distance, I promise. I just need a break. For now I'll scroll through more fly memes to lull me to sleep.



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