If we had a dollar for every time someone mentioned "a lack of socialization" as their chief reason against homeschooling, we'd be the richest folks in Idaho.

"Homeschooled Freaks"

Time and again, homeschooled kids are labeled weird, unsocialized, awkward, and codependent. And who can forget the heartless classic "homeschooled freak?"

Yet despite what many are willing to pay for private tutoring, homeschool parents, i.e., the ultimate private tutors, are picked apart in the court of public opinion.

Thankfully, there's research—the voice of reason. A 2018 article featured in Business Insider makes a compelling case against the naysayers:

Research suggests homeschooled children tend to do better on standardized tests, stick around longer in college, and do better once they're enrolled.

A 2009 study showed that the proportion of homeschoolers who graduated from college was about 67%, while among public school students it was 59%. Students from Catholic and private schools fell even lower in college graduation rates, with 54% and 51% of kids, respectively, completing all four years.


The Father of Modern Homeschooling

It was 1970 when John Holt, an education reformist and theorist, kicked off the modern homeschool movement.

Holt favored immersive learning and engagement over that of what he considered rote memorization modeled in public school classrooms.

Understanding Homeschooling & Unschooling

On the difference between homeschooling and unschooling, Homeschooling in Idaho explains "unschooling is homeschooling without using a pre-packaged curriculum."

Another school of thought focuses more closely on the differing degrees of freedom between the two.

Where homeschooling empowers parents to decide how their child is educated, unschooling allows the student to shape and pace their own curriculum.

Idaho, the homeschool-Friendly State: facts & benefits

Reference Idaho's Homeschool Laws here!

The Gem State is an ardent supporter of homeschooling. In fact, Idaho Living shared that Idaho does not monitor or regulate homeschool curriculums. Parents are given "full control over which teaching methods, curriculum, and schedule they choose." Additionally:

  • FACT 1 // The 2015 Parental Rights Statute protects Idaho parents' rights to directly care for their kids
  • FACT 2 // Parents are permitted to teach at any time of day, for any amount of time; likewise, parents can teach their kids at the grade level of their choosing
  • FACT 4 // No specific graduate requirements are outlined by the state
  • FACT 5 // In Idaho, homeschool records are legal documents; parents are responsible for grading, testing, & writing transcripts
  • 6 FACT // If they're to be homeschooled, Idaho kids must begin their individualized education by age 7
  • 7 FACT // Homeschooled kids are entitled to a free, appropriate public education which entitles them to participate in public school sports, clubs, & activities

  • BENEFIT 1 // Less distractions means more learning
  • BENEFIT 3 // Homeschooling encourages & increases student agency
  • BENEFIT 4 // Tailored curriculum suits the student's needs & growth
  • BENEFIT 5 // Apart from providing instruction on common subjects in school, parents are free to structure their kid's portal how they see fit
  • BONUS: Contrary to the popular misconception, homeschooled kids aren't unsocialized or anti-social. It's quite the opposite, actually! Because they spend much of their instructional time outside of the home, with local learning groups (coops), & in the community, homeschooled kids tend to be more open & adaptable in social settings.

For more info on the Idaho homeschool community, visit the following links:

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