This video couldn't come up at a better time. I was just reading Moug's (Moug and Angie Mornings) article on this Mr. Potato Head drama. Did you hear about how they wanted to make it gender-neutral and then a fight ensued to find out Hasbro changed their minds?

Twitter went off with some funny tweets and that's just one. Let's be honest because we saw late-night take shots at Idaho and now there is an 'Unboxing Idaho" video that is going viral thanks to Nick Johnson.

Let's start by saying if you want a quick lesson in Idaho you are about to witness it. Nick gives you a tour of Idaho from an outsider's view that is kind of funny. This isn't just a video making fun of Idaho because it's like making fun of outsiders in a sneaky way.

Johnson also refers to Eagle as the "Mr. Fancy Pants" of the area and shouts out Star. I really love hearing other people describe Idaho because it mimics exactly my thoughts moving here 14 years ago.

A lot of the newcomers moving in seem unabashedly delighted to live here. I mean, can you blame them? Idaho kinda feels like you stepped back in time. Like you didn't have to worry about where your kids are...where people walk around and talk to one another...and they're friendly

I remember telling a co-worker, now boss, that I was looking for a home alarm system. That was funny, "This is Idaho. What would you need that for?" This comes from the guy that still keeps his keys in the car like so many other Idahoans.

Nick really does a great job of explaining how outsiders have changed. They respect the land I guess you could say. There is one part you may like or it could make you furious. Business owners moving her compare Boise to Portland and Austin 10 years ago. Take that for what it's worth just like this video. It should really just make you laugh and a great share.

I'm gonna go get me some potatoes now, you hear! That's with fry sauce of course. What you out of towners know about that?


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