As the temperatures drop and the schools bells are back to ringing around the Treasure Valley--even amid continued COVID-19 uncertainties--FOOTBALL is back! Whether you're waiting for the student athletes at Boise State to take the blue or perhaps your local high school is returning to the field, football in our area is typically synonymous with fall.

So what's going on tonight? Turn on those bright lights and get the concession stands open, Treasure Valley. All across town, kickoff after kickoff will be taking place--for many, this will be the first game of the season.

As much as I love my alma mater, Bishop Kelly, there are other games going on tonight! Here's who you can see!

  • Elko, Nevada vs. Middleton
  • Eagle High vs. Bishop Kelly
  • Homedale at Caldwell High School
  • Skyview High School at Columbia High School
  • Boise High School at Emmett High School
  • Ridgeview High School at Timberline High School
  • Owyhee High School at Centennial High School
  • Meridian High School at Mountain View High School
  • Boise High School at Timberline High School


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