To everyone that has moved to Idaho recently, I'm very sorry. This isn't some hate on Californians for any reason, but I feel bad we didn't tell you about the bats. They live here too and it looks like they might be pissed.

Rabid bats have recently been found in two Idaho counties and this is your warning. Just turn around and be safe. Oh, I'm kidding! Just about you leaving because this is a serious warning.

I've written about bats with rabies over the years and a few cases are being reported. We first saw reports in early June found in Bonneville and Payette. The third case is being reported in Blaine county and this is no joke. The real question is how dangerous are they and should be scared if you come in contact with a bat.

Ivanic Zx/Unsplash
Ivanic Zx/Unsplash

Are Bats Dangerous In Idaho?

That's really a 50/50 question. No, bats aren't considered dangerous because they don't attack humans. That being said, your pets aren't you. If your dog walks in with a bat and you take it from him it could pass rabies on to you.

"Another misconception often presented in the media is the notion that bats "attack" people. Bats are by nature gentle animals. They do not attack people. People get into trouble with bats when they attempt to pick them up. Any wild animal is going to act defensively when someone attempts to pick it up." That is according to the Idaho Fish and Game.

If you see bats flying during the day though it does present a problem. Stay away from bats no matter how cute you might think they are.


I have family that lives in Oakely where they camp out a lot. I've personally ducked under the covers as they did deep dives over our heads. Everyone laughed at me, but there was a reason Batman was scared of bats. I'm just saying.

Make sure to get medical advice immediately if you come in contact with bats. Seriously, the rabies virus can be fatal and that's no joke. I'll post links below for more information. I'll also post the fastest route to escape Idaho if you fear these scare bats

Nils Bouillard/Unsplash
Nils Bouillard/Unsplash

Bats Facts and Encounter Details


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