Nobody expected the bad loss last week to Utah State, but it happened. And there is good news.  If you've followed football since you were a little kid like I have, you know the Broncos are guaranteed a win this weekend.

In fact, if the Broncos lose tomorrow night, I'll come to work naked except for a little strategically placed orange and blue body paint.  Oh wait.  That would never fly with HR.  Whew!  But I'll do something crazy.  Like eat sugar, or gluten, if the Broncos lose.

They won't!

It's true that anything can happen on the football field any given weekend, but the week after a big upset usually has the losing team righting the ship, turning things around, and playing with so much energy and focus it's like they're putting a big take-that-and-so-there exclamation point on the season.  A wise boss once told me, it's not the mistakes, it's how you rebound afterwards.  I love that, and I think it applies to our Broncos this weekend. Bad losses are usually followed with wins. Just ask Alabama.

The 52-26 loss to Utah State last weekend was an ugly turnover fest. But tomorrow night against Wyoming while we're drinking fun beverages and eating chips and guac, the Broncos will be getting rid of some pent up energy that's been brewing since they walked off the field in Utah. I love a good motivational speaker who focuses on the positive. And the Broncos have been doing that this week. You know they'll be ready.

This will be a fun one. For everyone except the Wyoming Cowboys. Kickoff is at 8:15pm Mountain on ESPN2, and it's a home game so expect traffic around Albertson's Stadium.  Have a great weekend!

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