Pole Dancing! Have you ever tried it?  I have not, but I totally want to hop on a pole now that I've read about this class for Moms and babies to take together.

Come on moms, let's just put those fat cards on the table - once you have a child your belly is never the same, and even if you're skinny as a rail there will always be some mysterious flab there.  You'll notice it especially when you're bent over drying your hair, right?  Yep. And then the thought, "Where in the heck did THAT come from?  Oh yes, I gave birth."  So let's pole dance.This class is happening in Australia, but I'm certain we can start one here.  People will roll their eyes at us and wrinkle up their foreheads trying to wrap their brains around the idea of babies pole dancing with Mama, but it's all about exercise!  And the babies are just along for the ride, they're not doing much.

Have you ever seen a flabby pole dancer?  Alrighty then.  We can get there too, moms.

If you want to see some of the pics from the Australian class, click HERE.  The babies are upside down and everything while the mom is holding on.  Crazy!  Can you imagine how much strength that would take?  We will have cores of steel.

What a great Kate U this would be!  There's another cool exercise event happening over on the Kate University page next week so check that out.  And I'll see if Kate can hook us up with a pole dancing class next.