Do you remember way back-in-the-day when you had to beg to get boxes for moving?  Liquor stores, grocery stores, friends, family, and then buy some at UHaul just to get it done? 

That was the way I had done moves the first couple of times I relocated.  Then, I got a little smarter, and realized in my career we moved a lot, so I started saving the boxes we used to move.  It took up some space in the garage or storage unit, but it ended up saving some substantial money and a ton of time.

That decision meant I skipped the Craigslist revolution where people started listing their boxes for free, just to get them out of the house.

In fact, even though I had my own when I did my last move four years ago, I participated in that system to get rid of them once I was settled.  I had downsized following my divorce, and didn't have a great place to store them, so I gave away a ton of great boxes from the mighty list.

I think it's fair to say Craigslist has lost some market-share to things like Facebook Marketplace, etc., so as I'm prepping to move in the next couple weeks, I've been trying to secure boxes.

It's been hard to find those "ton of boxes free just come get them."

In fact, I've found far more examples of people selling them than giving them out in trade for the removal process.

So what am I missing?  Is there a new place for the free boxes?  Is that just now a memory of an era left behind?

I'll even pay it back and give them away free once I move too.  I just need to find them.



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