In a hurry in the morning?  Skipped grocery shopping for the fourth day in a row?  Need to hit the drive-through?  Now, we have a new option in the Treasure Valley, but will Wendy's be better? 

That's the claim the fast-food company is making and underscoring in their marketing.  They are going to be the "better" option for fast-food breakfast starting March 2nd.

The 12 Treasure Valley Wendy's locations will be offering their breakfast menu that includes a "Breakfast Baconator" and "Frosty-ccino."  Other items will include sandwiches on croissants, biscuits, and buns.  Potato wedges will be the standard side, and the restaurant says they have improved their coffee too.

This is not the first time Wendy's has attempted to launch a breakfast menu, but previous attempts were met with mixed success and lacked the full rollout that this round is going to receive.

Across their 6000 locations across the country, they anticipate hiring over 20,000 employees and spending $20 million to do so.

The Treasure Valley has two of the three primary breakfast competitors for Wendy's, with Panera and McDonald's well-represented here.  The only main competitor missing in our region is Dunkin (Donuts).

For more on Wendy's plans, check out this article from Fox TV Indianapolis.


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