Idaho is chock full of amazing places to get outside and explore. And, fortunately for us, a ton of those places are in and around the Treasure Valley. One of my favorite spots is the Boise Foothills, but I also enjoy our city parks like Kathryn Albertson and Julia Davis park because of their access to the Boise River.

It's funny how some of the best places in town are hidden just out of sight, though. Take the MK Nature Center for instance. I've worked almost across the street from it for ages and, honestly, had no idea the place was even there until a few years ago because you can't really spot it from the street. Another one of those amazing hidden spots is Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve.

Tucked behind a residential area off of Maple Grove in the West Bench, Hyatt Hidden Lakes is a great place to go if you want to experience Idaho's natural beauty. The park is 44 acres and has hiking trails that are perfect for exploring and spotting wildlife without making the drive out of town. It's also a top destination for Boise's bird watching community.

Unlike many of our city parks which tend to be pretty quiet in the fall and winter, Hyatt Hidden Lakes is great to visit year round. Really, there's no bad time of year to visit this park. Even in the winter the views of the foothills covered in snow are so worth getting out in the cold.

You can visit this park at 5301 N Maple Grove Road in Boise.

Or read more about Hyatt Hidden Lakes here

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