Ah, fall in Boise – where the weather's as indecisive as a kid in a candy store. One moment, you're all bundled up in cozy sweaters; the next, you don shorts and shades. It's like Mother Nature can't make up her mind, but hey, we'll take it!

And speaking of fall, Halloween is creeping up on us like a stealthy cat ready to pounce. We can't wait to drag our families to Lowe's Family Farmstead for good old-fashioned farm fun, cruise down Harrison Boulevard to admire those over-the-top decorations and scream our lungs out at Haunted World. It's all in the name of spooky-season fun, right?

Now, if you want to crank up the scare factor and add realism to your Halloween adventures, there are some spine-tingling places to check out. But if you'd rather keep things light and fluffy like a marshmallow ghost, there are some spots you should steer clear of.

We embarked on a two-day quest to uncover the eeriest corners of the Treasure Valley, from Boise to Caldwell. We're talking places where folks swear they've encountered things that defy all logic. A supernatural weight hangs in the air when you set foot in these places. You can't help but feel on edge, wondering if you're about to have an encounter that'll either scar you for life or have you dialing up a therapist for a few years of soul-searching.

Some spots are a no-brainer, like the Old Idaho Penitentiary, where ghostly inmates are said to still roam. Others, well, finding them is like trying to locate your car keys in a haystack.

The 15 Most Haunted Places In The Treasure Valley

The Boise area is full of ghosts! These are the 15 places that you are most likely going to have a run-in with the paranormal.

Gallery Credit: Marco

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