I hang out with a group of people who love snow! We snowboard, snowmobile and play in the snow all winter long! Stephanie Kay even noticed once that snowflakes are a year-round thing with me, not just a winter accessory. Lately there has been quite a lack of snow and it is killing us to know that here we are in February and we have a fraction of the snow in the mountains that we actually should have. With the recent snowfall here in the valley, I am hearing a lot of gripes about it and seeing a lot of "Go away snow!" postings on Facebook. I know snow isn't for everyone, but I have a list of 10 reasons why you should welcome the snow! I'm not saying you have to like it! Just don't tell it to leave so fast, and maybe join us snow lovers in our little snow dance!

  1.  Snow fills the dams in the summer when it melts. This means more time on the lake playing in the boat!
  2. Food comes from farmers and they need water for their crops! Water in the dams means water in the fields for crops and food on your table!
  3. More water in Lucky Peak means more water in the Boise River for floating!
  4. The wetter winter we have, the less likely we will have those awful wild fires that consume homes and leave that nasty smoke inversion.
  5. You can host bigger parties and not be limited on fridge space for food and beverages! The outdoors doubles as a gigantic refrigerator!
  6. Hot coffee is better on a cold day... so is hot soup.
  7. Dogs wearing sweaters--- Everyone loves a dog in a sweater.
  8. Snow melts, creating mud in the mountains. In Idaho, there is no shortage of mud trucks and this is one great way to get rid of your husband for the day... or go get muddy yourself!
  9. Snow days aren't just for children in school! Colleges shut down as well as some offices for snow! Now tell me you hate snow when you wish you had a random day off work.
  10. For Women... one word... BOOTS! You know you've been waiting all year to wear those adorable new uggs and parade around town. Go for it while it is cold out! You know it is too hot in the summer!

AND a bonus one...
---Your water bill is cheaper when we aren't in a drought. So those long showers you like to take won't cost you $25 each and having a nice green lawn won't cost you your first born child.

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