This is just a little gross.  Southwest District Health officials in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Quality have found the source of water contamination. 

Poop.  Likely, human poop.

The most likely source of contamination in the wastewater in nine private wells south of Nampa is coming from septic systems in the surrounding area.  So far there have been no illnesses reported in connection with the findings.  The situation was first reported last summer.

It's easy to take for granted a clean water supply and assume that all sources are clear, but that has proven not to the be the case.  E. coli can be dangerous, even life-threatening, if humans or animals consume it.  It can also serve as indicator of other dangerous germs in the water as well.

KIVI TV 6 has more on this situation as well as what you can do to ensure you stay safe, HERE.

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