The temperatures will hit 100 degrees on Saturday and reaching 108 degrees Tuesday. Summer is here in Idaho and it's time to travel.

There have been a few very serious encounters being reported in Yellowstone National Park. This is good to know considering the attacks have been with Bisen and Bears.

Bear and Bison Attacks at Yellowstone National Park

Everything is fun and games until someone gets hurt, or even killed. This weekend there was another attack on people hiking in Yellowstone National Park. This just happened and all the full details haven't been released yet. We know that a woman was seriously injured near a trail at the Northern end of Yellowstone Lake. That happened on Monday.

There was another report of a Bear attacking another hiker and was the first one this year. The man was hiking by himself near Mammoth Hot Springs when he reports running into two grizzly bears. The man was attacked by one bear before making it out to safety. The hiker was also seriously injured from the lower extremities and transported to the hospital. That location was supposedly closed and I'm sure more to come.

Not all bear attacks end with just injuries. Three people were killed by bears in 2011 and 2015. I know this is the time we're all looking at taking a close vacation and Yellowstone is just 3 hours away. It's good to take all precautions when traveling to someone else's home.

Idaho Should Remember This When Camping or Hiking Yellowstone National Park

"Remember, this is not Disneyworld," That's from Kyle from Drivin' and Vibin' "The national park isn't an area that you can roll freely. You need to respect the animals, it's their domain, the animals consider you as an intruder."

We often forget that minor and most important detail. Hikers are volunteering to park the vehicles, grabs some bags, and begin a hike in someone else's yard. This is where these animals live and I would be prepared with some great tips below.

Fun Fact: Yellowstone National Park crosses over into Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

Be safe.

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