Mother's Day was so simple as a kid. You made some construction paper monstrosity with a trite poem about the mommy-child relationship and Mom ate it up because you were adorable and obsessed with her. Now as a mother my kid comes home with the same old Mother's Day projects from my youth and I'm a sucker for them. My favorite is the handprint flower coupled with this poem that made me weep even as a kid:

"Sometimes you get discouraged
Because I am so small,
And always leave my fingerprints
On furniture and walls.
But everyday I'm growing,
I'll be grown up someday,
And all these tiny handprints
Will simply fade away.
So here's a final handprint
Just so you can recall,
Exactly how my fingers looked
When I was very small."

I'm legitimately crying right now.

But you're grown now and the novelty of motherhood has disappeared for the woman who had to deal with you through adolescence and beyond. You definitely don't call as much as you should. The very least you can do is hook her up with an awesome staycation for Mother's Day.

The Riverside Hotel in Boise is has a gorgeous pool heated to perfection that your mom needs to wash away the trauma of walking in on you fooling around with your high school sweetheart when she told you to leave the door open and "no funny business."

But you have to actually book her a room so she can enjoy room service lounging in a cozy robe and slippers. Get on it so you snag a room with a refrigerator. Load her up with a suitcase of alcohol. You know, to make up for the alcohol you stole from the liquor cabinet in high school to impress your friends. News flash: You weren't fooling anyone refilling the vodka and tequila with water. Your mom knew.

If you don't treat her to lunch or dinner at one of their five restaurants, you might as well call her ugly and admit you stole $20 out of her purse in middle school to buy candy at the Stinker station. Sandbar is right alongside the Boise Greenbelt and has live music all day Friday through Sunday. A totally chill vibe for your mother who deserves a break.

She wiped your butt, mended your trousers, baked (or bought) the cookies, brushed your hair, talked trash about your ex, called the kid that bullied you a loser, and filled out your FAFSA. The least you can do is give her a nice Mother's Day.

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