There is nothing like a blessing when it's not even expected. I feel like all the jokes about 2020 give us all something to have in common. We all know about masks, social distancing, the election, and just everything else happening in our lives.

Needing some assistance during this holiday is something that's not exactly new to some of us. Luckily, there have been several organizations helping out including St. Vincent de Paul who has teamed up with organizations to give out Thanksgiving meals.

I was watching the time-lapse video of all the volunteers setting up the boxes and donations. Whoa. There is a ton of food but it's the people that warm your heart. So many people giving up time to ensure nobody goes without a meal. This is a two-day event which unfortunately hit a maximum on early sign-ups. That doesn't mean they weren't prepared for that and you still have an opportunity on Tuesday.

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If you missed that chance to sign-up for a free box make sure you do the following. St. Vincent de Paul is prepared and set special time aside to make sure no food goes left unused.

  • Hawks Stadium (5610 N. Glenwood Street.
  • Be there at 4 p.m. (maybe earlier just to make sure you get a spot in line.)
  • Receive any extra boxes leftover and turkeys when boxes run out according to St. Vincent de Paul's website.

I've written about businesses including St. Vincent de Paul and the love given out is just unreal. Think about the people who have never gone without their entire life but the pandemic cut careers short and unemployment ran out. This is the reality to so many families who find themselves in uncharted waters.

Please share this with someone. I'll post below the website for more information. Are you in need to want to help out during Christmas? We have the 12 Days of ChristMIX beginning December 3, 2020. Please click through for ways to help HERE.


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