Ever since Garth decided to jump back into the music business with sold out concerts all over the world rumors constantly fly about Mr. Brooks coming back to Boise, Idaho.  Well, he came back but not quite how we wanted.  Don't get me wrong.  The fact that he was here at all is an honor.  This guy is country music royalty and any chance he gets to spend here in Boise is a chance he'll see how great it is and want to bring his show back to the stage.

So where was Garth?  Why was he here?  And what does this mean?

According to The Idaho Statesman, that was Garth Brooks in the fourth row of the Bob Seger concert last night at the Ford Idaho Center.  Yeah.  If you were in that area thinking this guy looks an awful lot like Garth Brooks... IT WAS!

Bob Seger hasn't toured for a while because of some major back issues so it was a treat to see him back up on stage.  Garth is obviously a fan but is that the only reason he was here?  Would Garth really drop everything, fly to Boise, and watch a show just to have a good time?  Remember, this is a guy with a schedule as busy as they come.  Most of his concerts sell out so quick he ends up doing two, three, sometimes seven shows in the same city.

Rumors are now flying that Garth was staking out Idaho for a possible comeback of his own.  Hey.  Bob Seger did it.  Show was great.  Venue was on point.  The area and the people don't get any better if I do say so myself.

Garth... if you're listening.  We're ready man.  Bring it on back and we'll treat you like a king.  We'll keep you posted on any Garth Brooks news.  If he's coming back, we'll let you know right away.

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