There's a day coming up this month that gives us all the chance to fish without worrying about pay the license fee.  Even if we don't catch anything, it's still a great opportunity to relax by the water, have a picnic with the family, and work on our tans, right?  

It's National Fishing and Boating Week starting Saturday June 4th, and it runs through June 12th.  The idea is to get us all out to the water to try fishing and boating if we haven't in awhile, and to encourage families to make fishing trips part of the summer plan.  Take Me says fishing trips are big stress relievers.  As long as someone else baits the hook. I think that's what they mean by that.

Free fishing day in Idaho is happening Saturday, June 11th.  The Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game will sponsor events at lakes around the state, and anyone can fish without the license that day.

Growing up, some of the most memorable times with my dad involved fishing.  We would get up early on a Saturday morning and head to the lake - just the two of us - and sit out there for hours and talk about life and eat snacks while we waited on the fish to bite.  We had plenty of time to tell long stories because most of our fishing trips did not involve an abundance of reeling in big catches.  But it didn't matter.  It was about the experience, and not the end result. Hmm....words to live by right there.  It's amazing what fishing can teach us.