Our good friends, Jeff and Rhi at Mad Mac Food Truck are teaming up with former Boise State Football player, Elliot Hoyte, to do something pretty awesome!

Hoyte wants to help fill the stands at Albertsons Stadium with fans that may not be able to afford tickets to the games. After looking into why people weren't showing up to games, he realized it was because a lot of people just couldn't afford tickets.

So, here's a way to let fans be fans and cheer on the Broncos by filling those seats at the October 21 game against Wyoming!

Mad Mac Food Truck wants to sweeten the experience for these special fans by offering their delicious Mac and Cheese! A nice warm bowl of mac and cheese while cheering on our boys on the Blue, sounds like a perfect Saturday to me!

If you've ever been to a Boise State game (or any football game for that matter), you know how special that experience is. To give someone the opportunity to take part in that magic, click HERE!

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