I'm so excited about this! The first time I visited a food hall was in San Fransisco last Christmas and now we have this brilliant idea coming to BoDo. 

If you're a newbie and not familiar with Bodo, it includes two buildings on both sides of 8th street between Front and Broad St. The hot spot is anchored by P.F. Chang's and Edward's Boise Downtown Theater.

A food hall is way more of an experience that a food court. Lots of local goodies that make it feel more farmer's market than mall food-court, but I love that it's indoors and it creates a great hybrid between the old food-court and a farmer's market.

Tables will be spread throughout the space and it's a great opportunity for chefs who want to step out on their own or smaller food businesses. It provides a more affordable option than a traditional brick and mortar space and it creates an ideal place to meet and mingle.

When I visited the food hall in San Francisco I loved that we could all get whatever we wanted and there was a huge variety to taste without going to different locations. We had yummy empanadas, meats and cheeses, local chocolates, dips, etc.

So when can we expect to have our own food hall in Boise? According to an article in the Idaho Statesman, construction is expected to begin in May with doors opening a year later.

We'll keep you posted as we learn what will be inside!


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