Once again we should be applauding the work done by the Nampa Police Department and as they arrested five individuals in connection to a drug trafficking most specifically heroin. The NPD is calling this one of the biggest heroin busts in their history.

Breaking the story was KIVI, in which four of the five arrested are from out-of-state but do have local ties. Ten other people have been indicted for drug trafficking and heroin, all of those individuals are Treasure Valley residents. With police still working this case names of those arrested have not been released.

At this point we do know that Nampa's special task force has been working on this bust and as much as 509 grams of heroin is off the streets. This amount of heroin is substantial and would have negatively affected many people and families. Our community is a better and safer place for this drug bust having taken place. A big thank you to our law enforcement officers working to keep our community safe.

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