This story breaks my heart. This single mother, with a two-year-old child, watched her home go up in flames on Christmas Eve. Here's what happened. 

According to an article on, 24-year-old Kayla Stom suddenly became homeless when one or both of her dogs were trying to get food off the counter and they accidentally turned the kobs to the stove on.

The fire was so bad that not only did Kayla and her two-year-old son Bentley lose their home, but one of the dogs died from smoke inhalation. Her 4-month-old lab survived, but was taken to the WestVet Animal Specialty Center.

Not only did Kayla and Bentley lose their home and their dog, but the medical bills for their surviving pup have already reached over $2300.

Kayla and her son will benefit from the Boise Burnout Fund. If you would like to donate please click the link below.

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