You ever look at your sad bank account and think you’re in the wrong profession, whatever it may be? You know the conversation you jokingly have with your friends. “Uggggh, I hate this stupid job. I should just become a stripper.” I’ve often joked about this with my girlfriends. Even saying the only thing stopping me is that I don’t think my body is good enough because of deflated boobs from two pregnancies. But what does it actually take to be a stripper in Boise?

I looked up the requirements for two strip clubs in town: The Torch Lounge and Spearmint Rhino. Firstly, I was surprised to learn that both establishments are bikini strip clubs. So these ladies aren’t going full nude. Personally that’s a little bit of a relief (considering the aforementioned boob situation.) But what exactly does one need to be considered?

Torch lists some traits like “strong” and “powerful” but says they’re optional. Not optional is the following: “Are you a fun, friendly, outgoing female with a sex-positive outlook on life that can work well with others and be dependable? Are you willing to hone your craft [and] strut your stuff?…”

You’re encouraged to reach out if so. Honestly, I’ve met several women in the Treasure who suit meet this criteria at least up to the strutting part. I think that’s where most get hung up; being sexy in public for pay. I think I'm in that category also.

But if you can get yourself to cross that threshold, it can be a life long career! A dancer at Spearmint Rhino recently “hung up the heels” after decades working at the gentleman’s club. They aren’t hiring for entertainers at the moment, but there is a server position open that just wants you to be friendly, over 21 years of age, and have some customer service/hospitality experience. That’ll get you in the door and then who knows where that will take you?

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