Ok, when you think of the Marvel Universe, you tend to think of the east coast. After all, one of the biggest fight scenes against Loki was in New York. But, believe it or not, Idaho has a few references in the cinematic universe.

The biggest references that we could find in the Marvel universe to Idaho was actually from the 2008 "The Incredible Hulk" with Edward Norton. Sure, it isn't the Bruce Banner we currently know and love, but the story of The Hulk remains the same.

Bruce Banner, running from the United States military, ends up trying to find refuge in Idaho. Well, it doesn't really go as planned and he transforms into the Hulk and eventually kills a member of the Idaho State Police.

The Hulk's ultimate nemesis starts off as the person who is trying to help him. Samuel Sterns in the movie was a professor at Grayburn College, but his origin story has him as a janitor in Boise that gets exposed to gamma radiation. In The Incredible Hulk, after trying to help Bruce, he becomes affected by Banner's Blood.

In the movie trailer "Thor: Ragnarok" the trailer music is actually done by a Boise band named Magic Sword. That is pretty awesome.

There is an actual character from Agents of SHIELD that is named Idaho. Sure, it was the show and not a movie, but still. Idaho is a mercenary that was hired by SHIELD and kiilled by the Absorbing Man.


There is one character that is associated with being from Idaho that has not been part of any Marvel movie or show: She-Hulk.

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