We are all so busy with work, family, and trying to take car of ourselves anything that helps us save time is always a good thing. I will admit I am always a little cautious when it comes to life hacks or cleaning hacks that I see online so I am not positive that each one of these things work as well as they are shown in the video below but they look promising.

The hack shown below that truly makes me nervous is the shaving cream to clean up a carpet stain. The last thing I want is for you to have the wrong type of shaving cream and put an even bigger stain in your carpet. So, use these cleaning hacks at your own discretion. Although I really want to try out the celery and boiling water hack to clean a burnt on mess in a pan I was using to make dinner.

The list of cleaning hacks in the video are:

  • Cleaning a carpet stain
  • Cleaning the top of your stove
  • Cleaning the inside of your pots and pans
  • Cleaning tools, getting rust off
  • Cleaning your screen door
  • Cleaning a disgusting kitchen sink
  • Getting rust or burnt stuff off the outside of your pots and pans
  • Cleaning your toilet bowl

Now check out this video for yourself!

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