I've always admired the ingenuity and tenacity of small businesses. Especially those selling goods vs services. Big Box stores tend to have the upper hand when it comes to manufacturing, so whatever they sell tends to be at a lower price than small businesses who need to charge a little more to make profit and grow their business. Still they persevere. And often the quality of their products is better than from some big chain store because there aren't corners being cut.

M+S Krafts is a small business that sells wax melts and wood wick candles via Etsy. And so far they have sold their items to 45 states, NOT including Idaho. But they'd like to change that. In hopes to fill in their map of states to which they've shipped their goods, M+S Krafts is offering a discount to Idahoans who make a purchase.

Seeing as how Scentsy headquarters is here in Idaho, it's unsurprising that locals aren't looking outward for their wax melt needs. The duo behind the brand are based in Florida, so shipping might actually be a little annoying. But the wood wick candles are so colorful, cute, and themed, it might be worth it to spend your money with them. Tell me these aren't adorable!

If you're trying to get in on the action and help them fill in their map, slide into their Twitter DMs (@M_S_Krafts) to claim your discount. I'm personally invested in the fruit loops looking one. But I don't need the honor of being the first Idahoan to shop them. I've got a ton of Scentsy melts and Bath & Body Works candles to finish.

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