When my youngest was a year and a half old it became clear he was delayed in speech as well as cognitive and behavioral skills appropriate for his age. My first child was always advanced for his age, so with the baby I assumed at first that he was developing at the typical rate. I began to worry when I noticed other kids in his age group saying and understanding way more than he did. I was in a panic.

Thankfully I knew a mom whose kid had gone through a similar situation and referred me to a program that evaluates children and provides resources for the appropriate therapies to aid in development. One of the best parenting decisions I ever made was seeking early intervention for my boy and now he is thriving. In fact, sometimes I think he's a little too smart for his own good. But I digress.

The thing is, many parents aware of resources out there for this sort of thing. I was lucky enough to know someone who had already gone through it and showed me the way. West Ada School District is offering Early Childhood Developmental Screening. If you feel like your child is a bit behind, this is an excellent opportunity to have them evaluated.

Children ages 3-5 who show a delay in one or more of the following areas may qualify for early intervention services through the Early Childhood Special Education Program:
-speech and language
-motor skills
-self-help skills

You can schedule a screening by calling West Ada School District at (208) 350-5122. For more information on developmental screenings and dates of occurrence, visit the West Ada School District website.

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