The BS About Idaho's Driving Test

It's been said that the Idaho driving test is one of the most difficult in the nation. I call bullsh*t. For one thing, I of all people passed the Idaho Driver's License test on the first attempt. Not an ounce of preparation went into my exam performance.

Apart from my status as a sentient being, the secret to my "success" was as simple as showing up. But after living here for eight years, I've concluded that's a problem.

Prior to sitting for my Idaho exam, I held a driver's license in Chicago, North Carolina, and Germany. My driving acumen has been tried and tested thrice, friend. If Idaho's exam is easy enough for anyone to pass, regardless of their knowledge and experience, it's time to raise the bar.

So what does our state's driving test have to do with this morning's fog? The idea to make the Gem State's driver's test harder was inspired by this morning's foggy weather.

Blinded By the Brights

Were you on the road in or around Boise before 6 a.m. this morning? If your commute was anything like mine, I feel for you, friend. One car after another, my poor retinas were bleached by drivers using their brights to navigate through the dense fog that hovered over the Treasure Valley.

Did you catch all that? My fellow motorists were using their automobile's brights in the fog. Making matters worse was the pitch black sky. It really intensified the blinding glare of the light as it reflected off the fog. Super.

Because the Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles granted licenses to these folks, I'd say this is a strong case for raising the bar on the driver's exam.

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