Sometimes the best part of waking up has nothing to do with what's in my cup.

Coming from someone who has a yin for the nectar of the gods as big as mine, that's a bold statement. But local commuters and caffeine addicts like myself who're regularly hampered by 90-minute bouts of traffic and/or setbacks brought about by construction, accidents, or high-density school bus routes get it. Sometimes the preemptive cure to a hectic day of meetings that could've or should've been emails is a nearly solitary cruise eastbound on State Street.

When I pull out of my driveway to start my day between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m., most of the Treasure Valley, including my own family, is still fast asleep. As I wait for the light to turn green on State and Plummer, I'm still longing for the warmth of my husband's arms wrapped around me in our cozy queen-sized bed. Peeling back our down comforter, I'm assaulted awake by the stinging chill of Idaho's fresh mountain air that fills our room. Pouting and one-eyed, I ready myself to the most minimal degree of societal decency, and away I go.

But by the time my white Camry crosses the intersection of State and 16, I shed my Negative Nancy mentality. All at once, the pointless pipedream of clocking more mid-week sleep hours is replaced by a sense of calm excitement. The road ahead is serene. It's blanketed by Idaho's beautiful night sky and free of taillights. My right foot rests gently on the gas peddle with little need to fuss with the brake. And that's when I find myself smitten once more with my morning drive. At 5:00 a.m., the silky blacktop road from Star to Boise is free of chaos and hurried commuters, and it's awesome.

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