I love a scenic drive. Very soothing. Took a drive from Meridian to Idaho City that was really lovely. But it was an hour long and I had to pee for the latter half of the drive. Thankfully technology is a thing, and you can experience a scenic drive in a condensed amount of time without using gas, which in this economy is annoying to shell out money for. YoutTuber, dukatista657 took a ride from Idaho Falls, ID to Jackson, WY and cut together this 15 minute video.

There's muffled talking in a language other than English, but overall you can take the video off mute. The music is soothing and would be perfect accompaniment for an at home cycling session. I don't even mind the talking 'cause it feels like a family road trip.

Lots of greenery, trees, and mountains. It's nothing short of a pretty drive. If you need the TV on in the background to fall asleep, consider YouTube on the television and throwing this on. It'll start lulling you to sleep before the fifteen minutes are up.

Curious what a scenic drive to other surrounding states would be like. Pretty much the same, or are there some unique things to look forward to say on a drive to Utah? I'll never know unless someone puts together another video like this. I'm a terrible driver. I think the move from now on is to just watch other people do it. What scenic drive would you like to see?

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