If you are one of the many people who love to drink and party in McCall on the 4th of July weekend, get ready for rain on your parade, especially if you like to party at

North Beach.  In the past years more and more people have been partying on North Beach.  It's one of a few public beaches on Payette Lake and it's accessible by boat and car, that is until this year (2016).   A couple of new ordinances have just been passed that will ban all drinking at North Beach during the 4th and will also rope off the beach to boats  300 feet from shore, so that people can no longer be dropped off at the beach by boat.  So the only way to get to the beach is by driving, walking or swimming and absolutely no drinking at all.

Last year Valley County police estimated the peak crowd at North Beach to be about 1000 people, well over the 750 person limit.  These new ordinances should bring the head count to much lower than 1000 people from last year.

I've hung out at North Beach many times over the years, and my kids all go there for the day now too. I won't be going any more, because I can't get there in a boat and don't want to drive and park to walk in.

Will this affect you?  Will you still try and go or will you party some where else that you can still drink?  Or will you not go to McCall at all?