I'm very grateful that my line of work doesn't require me to be dressed in business attire at all times, or even business casual. I can roll into the studio in jeans and a tee every day if I like. After all, you can't see me while I'm on air. But the rest of the office sees me and they do dress in business attire, for which reason I feel like I should dress it up a little to match their aesthetic and make a good impression.

I don't have the energy to get dolled up every day of the week because my day starts at 4:00am. Instead, I pick one day of the week to glam it up a bit. I straighten my hair or style my curls, opt for a dress or skirt, put on some heels, and makeup my face.

And the best day for that is Friday. My workload is slightly lighter at the end of the week, so I have time to roam about the office and interact more than usual. People are in a good mood looking forward to the weekend and happy to look up from their desks to chat. And there I am, looking my best. That's their last impression of me.

Come Monday everyone is so busy getting back in the work flow, no one is concerned about my appearance. Not that anyone is very concerned on any day. I don't fancy myself that important. But I do think it's nice to show your peers you care about the way you present yourself to them.

Do you have any dress for success strategies you implement at work. A day you designate as dress up day?


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