Nothing says summer like enjoying the heat of the evening air while imbibing adult  beverages. White Claw, Truly, Bud Light, and your run of the mill at home cocktails get the job done on the regular. But when you go for a night out, that's the time to really expand your palate and try things you can't come up with on your own. You're no mixologist, after all. And if you head to Downtown Boise there's no shortage of options. So where do you go for the best cocktails?

The Brickyard, famous for its dueling pianos that will be back very soon (they promise), is home to a secret menu of cocktails you won't want to miss. Eric Bomar, the bar manager at Brickyard, indulged me in the most annoying request a patron can make. "I dOn'T kNoW wHaT i wAnT. sUrPrIsE mE." Thus, a secret menu of four cocktails you can ask for which includes one that will have you saying the F word in a most grateful fashion. If you can finish all four (you will want to, and even have more than one of each), cap off the night at Bittercreek Alehouse.

I'm not really one for beer, so I was the annoying person at an ale house asking for not ale. But my server was understanding and pleasant and offered a delicious "used to be on the menu" gin option that didn't make me feel bloated and awful. 10/10 recommend. "The gin, ginger, vanilla, lemon thing," will suffice as the order, I was told.

I must honorably mention Casa Del Matador's Smoky Margarita and Frozen Mango Margarita as must have cocktails. These are plainly on the menu, but I want there to be no secret that these drinks outrank all others on the menu for summer vibes. Check out the complete list with photos and start planning your next night out.

Mouth Watering Secret Menu Cocktails To Order In Downtown Boise

No need to stick to the script when getting your drink on downtown. Go for these secret menu cocktails and really make it a night you'll wish you could remember. Get it? Because alcohol? While you're at it, maybe get the Uber ready. But whatever you do, don't miss out on these libations!

Gallery Credit: Angie Morales

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