Don't forget it's time to 'fall back' this weekend. Sunday at 2am Daylight Saving Time ends and we return to Standard Time.The general plan should be to set the clocks back before you go to bed Saturday night. Unless, of course, you own clocks that will take care of the change for you.

Most of us think that falling back means we get an extra hour of sleep, but some experts say that's probably not the best way to approach the time change. Katie Moisse from Good Morning America points out the the body has to adjust to the time and one of the ways to do that is to go to bed at the normal time and get up at what would have been the normal time. She says that using the extra hour to do something productive will help your body adjust more quickly to the time change.

There's no doubt, though, that extra hour of sleep certainly sounds good. Especially on Halloween weekend!

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