I am among the tens of millions of Americans who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I used to live in a state that's mostly sunshine, so whenever the darker colder season hit, my depression wasn't worsened for very long. And while I love it here, now that I'm in Idaho I'm finding it more difficult to get out of this funk, for lack of a better word. The cold temperatures and dark skies have sent me into a bit of a spiral. I hate it.

Finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel as warmer temperatures and sunnier skies seem on the horizon. I like to trust the weather app on my phone. Boise should be sunny and 46 degrees come Monday. Quite the welcome respite from the deep chill and snow we've been experiencing. But just in time to ruin everything is Daylight Savings Time.

The spring forward means the sun won't greet us until I'm already in a dark hole. Ok, that's perhaps a little too dramatic. But that extra hour of darkness makes it difficult to function. It's time to add another sun lamp to push through until my brain and body can make the adjustment. I just fully think we shouldn't even follow this ridiculous tradition that makes no sense.

Not to bring up the pandemic, but...the pandemic! It's already worsened all the depression. At the very least we can abolish Daylight Savings so we don't lose an hour of sleep and gain more darkness. Wasn't Trump going to sign an executive order about this? Can we tell Biden to get it done? I'm struggling.

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