Vets are warning dog owners of the dangers of heat stroke and how common it is after a dog died on a trail over the weekend. So far this season, West Vet has seen about 10 cases of heat stroke!

They see these cases the most this time of year, whether it’s when owners are outside taking dogs on walks or being left in hot cars. (DON'T do that!)
Dogs overheat very quickly, but there are signs you can look for. If you notice your dog is weak or panting uncontrollably, you need to start cooling them down. You can get them wet and then get them inside and out of the heat as soon as possible.

One thing a vet said that I didn't think about is that you don’t want to go from really hot to really cold, so the best thing to do is if you're near a stream be sure to get them into the stream, cool them down and then call your vet. Even if they have cooled off, they could be overheating internally which could lead to their organs shutting down.

Think about what it takes for you to be outside and endure the heat. You need to stay hydrated and find occasional shade to not overheat. Your pets need the same care and protection.

The signs and symptoms of heat stroke among pets can be found HERE.

Brush up on these things to look out for and stay safe out there in the heat!

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